29 January 2010

Fit the bill

Fit the bill
Ryan P. Wilson
The PhilharMagic Concert Hall is, quite coincidentally, home to Mickey’s PhilharMagic. While this may seem like a rather unimaginative name for the hall that hosts Maestro Mickey’s show, the PhilharMagic Concert Hall has hosted a plethora of events prior to the current concert of the same name. In fact, before a performance, or during the intermission, guests can take a gander at the posters that promoted these events.

Festival de los MariachisIn our inaugural Season, Donald Duck proved that his Mariachi-style trumpet really fit the bill!

I PagliacciIn one whale of a Second Season, Willie made quite a splash!

The Wolf Gang TrioA highlight of the Third Season, the Wolfgang Trio huffed and puffed and blew the house down!

Ariel’s Coral GroupAriel brought part of her world to a part of our world with the Fourth Season’s Concerto in Sea Major!

GenieAfter his “un-corked” Fifth-Season performance, Genie left his fans wishing for more!

An Evening with WheezyThe sensation of the Sixth Season were the soft and breezy vocal stylings of Wheezy!

HadesIn our sizzling Seventh Season, Hades’ performances were on fire!

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