07 January 2010

Awaiting use

Awaiting use
Ryan P. Wilson

Keeping up with a fleet of vehicles of any kind must be hard work. For the folks at Kali Rapids Expeditions, the host company of Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, keeping track of their floating fleet must be equally difficult. Arranged in the office are paintings of their rafts as well as a dispatch board with the locations of all of their boats. The problem? There are several rafts who either appear on the board, but not in a picture, or vice versa. For simplicity’s sake, here is a little diagram to show the problem.Throughout the office of Kali Rapids Expeditions nineteen raft names can be spotted. However, only ten of them appear in both art and on the dispatch board. Meanwhile, the dispatch board has five names that are not immortalized in art and there are four boats pictured that apparently have no location. Of the rafts that we do know the whereabouts of, there is some clever details as to their locations.

Annapurna Orchid: Out – Sector 5 northern face
Monsoon Momma: Out – Sector 3 rapids run
Darjeeling Darling: Awaiting use
Sherpa Surfer: Awaiting use
Jungle Jumparoo: Repaired
Bali Bumper Car: On reserve for Ohio tour group
Java Jumper: Out – sector 5; southern route
Baloo Meaway: Oars may need inspection
Himalayan Hummer: Rafting on Sector 2
Prambanan Princess: with Himalayan
Bhatkapur Bubbler: Awaiting use
Durga’s Delight: Awaiting use
Banyan Boy: Replenish supplies
Rajah Run Around: Seat repaired
Manaslu Slammer: Due back yesterday!

As for the posters that showcase the boats, in all of their glory, well,… I think I’ll let them speak for themselves.


Nicholas Tucker said...

Very cool indeed!

Princess Fee said...

Fantastic article, Ryan! I have never spent that much time in the Kali River Rapids queue (as I hardly ever ride the ride) but next time I visit, I will make a special trip to at least study the queue.