31 January 2010

Disney This Week - 31 January 2010

Disney This Week - 31 January 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

Okay, so just a month ago, I said that I was cutting back my workload and the number of articles a week on the Main Street Gazette. While the focus of the content is still remaining, and the readers out there seem to be enjoying the quality of the content we are bringing to the Gazette, I can’t help but feel that you have all been left out in the cold for weekend reading. With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Disney This Week. Disney This Week will be a regular column every Sunday morning that recaps a few of the articles from the Disney blogosphere that have caught my eye in the previous week. I hope you will enjoy what others have to say on the subject of the wide world of Disney.

Many bloggers and Disney enthusiasts who share our memories through photographs and videos are often concerned about our media coming back to bite us through legal ramifications. Robert Niles of the Theme Park Insider offers some fantastic insight into why we shouldn’t worry as much.

Last Friday, members of D23 and lifelong fans of Mary Poppins, both the film and the stage production, were treated to a special performance and conversation of the title. In fact, Jeffrey Epstein even lets us in on the secret that Nackvid Keyd returned to reprise his role.

If there is one thing that throws be back to my childhood spent at Walt Disney World, it is the sound of a distant train whistle. Princess Fee, of DF’82, must know this. Why else would she torture me with glimpses into the iron horses of Tokyo Disneyland?

Restaurantosaurus is, perhaps, the most richly detailed restaurant in all of Walt Disney World. Articles on the subject matter covered here could range from automotive, to music, and even to dorm life while never actually addressing dinosaurs. George Taylor, the original geek of Imaginerding, offers us some terrific insight into the books that line Restaurantosaurus’ shelves.

I have always been a collector and constructor of Legos. And now, with a new Legoland coming to Central Florida, I have even more reasons to move back to the place where I was born. Over at Progress City, U.S.A., Michael Crawford has an excellent dissection of the Lego – Walt Disney World relationship.

AJ, of the Disney Food Blog, finds a way to make me hungry no matter when I check in on her site. This week, however, she made me want to go back in time to Disneyland 1955 to grab a bite to eat.

Also, in the makes me hungry (as well as thirsty and prone to guffaws) when I read their writing department is Andy Jackson of Eating (and Drinking) around the World. This past week he reminds us that there are cocktails available in the Magic Kingdom,… if you’re a robot.

While the commentary is a little over a week old, I felt this piece deserved a place in this week’s look back, as it was one of the reasons I was driven to start this segment. Greg Grimsley, otherwise known as Doc of The Disney Obsession, put together 59 words and a single picture and completely captured the heart of what Walt Disney World is.

There were also some great guest blogs circulating this week, here is one that really caught my eye and held my attention.

Tim Halbur wrote this week for SamLand’s Disney Adventures, which is regularly penned by the thought provoking and well-versed Sam Gennawey. Tim’s article crafted a new Carousel of Progress, hosted by none other than Ludwig Von Drake.


Princess Fee said...

Apologies that I'm torturing you, Ryan! I will try and take it easy in future!

Great article - as I can't get on the internet during the week as much as I used to, this will be handy for me to spot the true gems out there right away! Thank you.

AJ Wolfe said...

Thanks, Ryan! I really like round-ups like this -- great to have a bunch of bloggers I trust finding some good links for me to read on Sunday mornings. Also, thank you for introducing me to Andy Jackson's blog. I hadn't found it yet!

SamLand said...

Thanks Ryan. I tried to impress my wife with your kind words but unfortunately I still had to take out the trash.

Jason G. said...

Great idea. I like having a roundup to look forward to on Saturdays to see what everyone's writing up!

Jason at www.disneysfolly.com