03 December 2009

Toon lagoon

Steve Barrett’s Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea may be much smaller than either the Disneyland or Walt Disney World entries in the series, but do not be fooled by its size! The book, which covers the two current ships and Castaway Cay, is just as thorough as its predecessors.

A Hidden Mickey experience is a tremendous benefit to the thousands upon thousands of guests who visit the Disney theme parks and coast over the seas on the Cruise Lines. While not as intriguing to a first time guest, the guides do not exclude them from partaking in the frivolities. Like the previous volumes, Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea breaks the quest down each section into a scavenger hunt, complete with point totals, and a set of foolproof hints.

The difference between the Field Guides for the resorts and the cruise lines is that previously the shopping, resort, and theme park areas could be broken down into separate segments, whereas the Wonder and Magic are both floating fortresses that contain attractions, experiences, dining, shopping, and sleeping quarters all in one place. Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea does an excellent job of crafting an easy to follow tour that covers the entirety of the ships and Castaway Cay. With over forty clues dedicated to the Wonder and thirty-plus for the Magic, a search of a single ship is likely to be more than a momentary excursion. Let’s not forget how well hidden some of these Mickeys can be!

Barrett has completed another fine guide to another wholly Disney destination. Rather than sit on his laurels, however, he has once again opened the doors up to any Disney enthusiast wishing to illuminate all of us to the whereabouts of new and newly discovered Hidden Mickeys. This exchange of information is only part of the reason the field guides are so successful, but it is wonderful to see how many people get involved in the hunt and discovery of Hidden Mickeys.

In the end, Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea is the perfect stocking stuffer for the cruiser in your family or the perfect gift to hint at the upcoming cruise you have booked for a family getaway.

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I received a copy of Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea from the publisher.

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