18 December 2009

Intriguing discovery

It is common knowledge, at least around these parts, that I am a big fan of participating in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Perhaps this is because, growing up, Harrison Ford, as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, was the coolest person in my own personal universe. Either way, I have been a fan of the show, and attempted regular extra, since the first time I saw the show.Scattered about the entrance and exits of the show are a variety of props (both from and inspired by the films), vehicles, and interactive elements meant to immerse guests in the world of Indy. Across from the entrance, just off to the side of the steps leading down to Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction, is an open excavation site. Pieces, some only partially uncovered, while others have already been numbered and catalogued, are strewn about the site. The crates, equipment, and truck all lend themselves to the story of Jones.Observant guests will easily recognize a couple of allusions to Professor Jones. For starters, Indiana’s famous fedora can be found resting on the table. Clearly whatever he found among the artifacts made him dash off in an excited state or else he was kidnapped, for as it has been noted several times, Indiana Jones is never without his trademark hat.

The other reference to Indy found in this location is the crate for Prof. H. Jones of Marshall College. Being in the holiday spirit, we’ll let slide the fact that any crate of Indiana’s, that is using his real name of Henry Jones, should include the suffix of Junior. Indy was, after all, named after the dog.

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