13 December 2009

Lost Disneyland: Adventure Thru Inner Space

Almost all Disney enthusiasts know about the public publications, such as The E-Ticket and Celebrations, that were or are tailor made with outstanding content for individuals with a love of all things Disney. Most of this group also is aware of the internal ‘For Cast Members, By Cast Members’ periodical known as Eyes and Ears. Yet, how many are aware of the existence of the fantastic internal bulletin for Imagineers? Known as WD Eye, this publication was everything a Disney enthusiast would ask for in a single publication. It included history, profiles, interviews, glimpses into the future, and tons of behind-the-scenes information, all cobbled together with some beautiful imagery. It was, as stated in the Premiere Issue, “Complimentary for Imagineers, Big Bucks for Disneyana Collectors.”

Today’s Back Issue entry also comes from the November 1988 Premiere Issue. While it isn’t often that the Main Street Gazette ventures across the country to interject some information from Disneyland, after all there are plenty who know more and can tell better stories from that coast than I can. This Lost Disneyland article, however, written by Ryan Harmon and David Mumford, contains too much history not to showcase it. Rather than transcribe the article as I usually do, I felt to do this article justice, and to be able to include all the rich details from the photographs and meandering quotes strewn about the pages, I would present you, the readers, with scans of the article.

Be sure to click on each image to enlarge the pages to a readable resolution.


SamLand said...

Adventure Thru Inner Space probably strikes the same chord as If You Had Wings might have for WDW visitors. Both were people eaters and both were free. No need for a regular ticket. But Inner Space was an environmental tour de force heavily influenced by Claude Coats. A real trip. Nothing like it anywhere anymore. Had a funny smell some of the time....

A very Southern Californian tradition.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Inner Space has always been one of those attractions that I have wished I could have seen. With Claude Coates guiding hand and touches from George McGinnis, I can only imagine what that experience must have felt like!

Since I'm younger than I'd prefer to admit, I tend to liken it to Dreamflight in terms of flavor, but the Haunted Mansion in terms of immersion.