04 December 2009

Isn't science nifty

As a child I can remember doing all sorts of gags involving my sight, from the magic eye posters to using a paper towel tube to help put a hole through my hand. This experiment, designed by the folks at Muppet Labs, seems to have escaped my attention, until now.Though rarely used on any sort of regular basis, the exterior queue for MuppetVision 3-D has recently received an updated set of film posters and some fresh paint, but the U-DO-IT Experiments, including The Phantom Fingertip Phenomenon, can still be found there. For those of you wishing to attempt the visual gag yourself, step-by-step directions are below. Although, be warned, you may look rather silly trying this one at your desk at work.
The Phantom Fingertip Phenomenon

Demonstrate this astounding phenomenon of science by:

(A) Holding your index fingers in front of you, close, but not touching (See illus.)
(B) Looking directly between these fingertips, stare at some distant object.
(C) Eureka! A phantom fingertip should float in midair before your very eyes!

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