01 December 2009

Gifts of food

Sometimes an ice cream cart, no matter the clever pattern on the refrigerated cart, is just an ice cream cart. Then there are the times you run across a broke down van on the side of the road in a foreign land, and lucky for you it also serves ice cream. Such is the case in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where guests can find the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck.The quick indulgences are par for the frozen fare course and include soft serve ice cream, soda floats, and a variety of beverages, but what makes this snack stop particularly intriguing for enthusiasts are the designs present all around the bus. Present among the many panels of the truck is the history, adventures, wildlife, industry, and environment of Anandapur. Also, for those who venture towards the back of the bus, they will find that the truck not only provides sweet treats but also a fair amount of good fortune.The best time to examine the intricately designed panels of the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck is before the stand begins its daily operation, in the first few hours after Disney’s Animal Kingdom has opened. While Disney could have very well placed a refrigerated cart with ice cream and animal patterns printed on the side, they chose to take the design of this structure one step further and make it an interesting experience. A sign that the importance of the guests’ encounters throughout the park are the priority, and a sign that is present more and more throughout the park.

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