17 November 2008

Time for Woody's Roundup

Pixar Place’s Hey Howdy Hey! Take Away offer some truly tasty treats, some of these morsels are even fit to eat, while still others are simply tempting to the eyes and intellect. Take, for example, the Hey Howdy Hey! menu, which is posted on the side flap of a box of Cowboy Sugar Crunchies cereal. The box could fit on any cereal aisle with its colorful spokes-character and phrasings like “Sugar Frosted Coating,” “volume may settle in shipping,” “Double Dipped Chocolate,” and “packed with vitamins and nutrients for your morning roundup.” These horseshoe shaped oats even have a television tie-in that require you to check your local listings so you’ll know when to tune-in!But the most fantastic detail of the Cowboy Sugar Crunchies is in the top right corner of the box. What does that say? Pixar Farms? Digital Foods? Ah well, I guess they aren’t coming to our grocery stores any time soon, but at least that leaves more for Andy.

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