05 November 2008

Each inhabitant in their own way

The trail from the Wildlife Express to Conservation Station, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is filled with intriguing facts and figures, activities, and subtle details of the world around us. Along the way are several signs and displays explain the benefits of backyard habitats and what creates fantastic environments for creatures native to your corner of the world. Below are just a few of the terrific recommendations made along the trail Conservation Station trail along with some resources for the environmentalist in your family.Create habitats – Create backyard habitats that provide food, shelter, water and places to rear young.
Plant native trees and shrubs – They provide homes and food sources for local wildlife.
eNature has a fantastic guide to local plants, unfortunately it only has resources for the United States and requires an email address, but it is worth the time to check out if you are planning your own backyard habitat.
Invite animals to your backyard with water – Create a small pond, add a birdbath.
Adding water is not a construction project, and it doesn’t require expensive birdbaths either. Check out these ideas for homemade birdbaths that can be created for as little as eight dollars. This would be a great project to get children thinking of the warm spring when they are stuck inside on a snowy day this winter.
Habitats can be anywhere – Even an apartment or condo patio can provide a habitat for wildlife.Habitats can be anywhere, huh? Well, I guess that excuse I have been using about not having a yard doesn’t cut it any longer and I need to get started. When I am done, I am going to be heading over to visit the National Wildlife Federation to get my backyard habitat certified, and you should too! You can also get more ideas for shelters, food sources, and tips on gardening for wildlife when you visit the National Wildlife Federation.

Look for updates on my personal habitat in the future. Also, if you have a backyard habitat of your own that you would like to share with other readers, I would love to showcase it on the Main Street Gazette. Simply drop me a line at mainstreetgazette@gmail.com along with the story and details of what is in your habitat and what has visited your backyard. Oh, and if you have some pictures, that would be wonderful as well.

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