08 November 2008

Behold the majesty

The Zulu people of South Africa have long been known for their skill at basket weaving; weavings that are so intricate, not to mention the exquisitely designed, that they become watertight, a very useful feature. With an abundance of colorful telephone wire (referred to as scoobie wire) that was left in the country, the Zulu people sought to make something out of this refuse, and thus were born the imbenge baskets, or recycled telephone wire baskets.

Sturdy, and with the ability to be washed, these baskets started life as useful tools. Yet, in the late 1990s the wire baskets spread rapidly into the global marketplace as art, and their creation, which began in South Africa, extended throughout Africa. This is never more apparent than when looking at the patterns of the baskets, which are as varied as the people and groups who weave them.

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, near Victoria Falls and between Jiko and Boma, is a wall decorated with these fantastic baskets from South Africa. Though their sizes and patterns vary, the craftsmanship and charm shine through adding a sense of place and history to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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