19 November 2008

From grassy plains

Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground did not open on 1 October 1971 with the rest of Walt Disney World. After a few weeks, Fort Wilderness finally opened on 19 November 1971 with a compliment of 131 campsites. A western settlement, swimmin’ hole, and locomotive, along with more campsites and eventually cabins, turned the pines and marshes of central Florida in a living and breathing Frontierland that guests could actually reside in, if only for a few days.

In 1996, alongside the rest of Walt Disney World, Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground celebrated its 25th anniversary. To commemorate the event, like so many other Disney milestones, a coin was issued.Though the train, most of its tracks, the underbrush, and River Country have long since pulled up stakes, Fort Wilderness still carries on the spirit of the frontier. A lot has changed since those early days, but as we celebrate its 37th anniversary, I think we have a lot more good things to come in this often overlooked corner of Walt Disney World.

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