21 November 2008

In the tracks of the yeti

Reinhold Messner, in My Quest for the Yeti, ponders an age old question, “I stared, first amazed, then perplexed, at the spot where this apparition had stood. Why had I not taken a picture?”To anyone who has ever had an encounter with creatures that were thought to only be mythic beasts or shadows of the paranormal, this is a common question. It is a question that they are asked repeatedly, and ask themselves repeatedly, scarcely conceiving of a satisfactory answer. Perhaps they were overcome with fear or perhaps their equipment couldn’t stand up to the elements. Any range of answers could come bubbling up and out of the explorers.Today, from my most recent expedition, I add a few of my own photographs to the long line of grainy, shaky, out of focus, hair-late, circumstantial evidence, and after-the-fact pictures of the mysterious creature known as the yeti.


M.Sedlar said...

Was the mysterious Yeti actually moving or was it still playing with that strobe light it found?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

The elusive moving yeti was nowhere to be seen, however, the new-fangled strobe light seemed to placate the yeti I found.