16 October 2017

Hoodunit Magic Hat Co.

When it comes to Walt Disney World, sometimes a name is just a name. More often than not, however, a name definitely has a tie to a Disney property, the location’s story, or an actual tale from history. Making the most of this theory, we’ve made our way over to Disney’s Boardwalk and stopped by AbracadaBar, where a wallpaper isn’t just any wallpaper.

There’s a lot of magic to be found in this wallpaper. Let’s start with the three rings in the center of part of the pattern. Clearly rings are a staple of the magician’s bag, as are ropes which you can find if your eyes travel a little bit to the left. On the same line as the rings, where you can see some flourishes, are actually card suits as cut outs. Starting with hearts, spades, a diamond, and then mirroring back to the spades and hearts. The club is in the golden curls themselves just above and below the diamond.

Moving up or down from the clubs are another magic fundamental, doves. From the center of this section, where the birds are perched, is a pair of keys. Clearly someone is working their way out of a lock or a pair of handcuffs.

Moving back to the right is a nice ornate motif, but it’s hiding another magical critter. Four rabbit silhouettes can be seen here. Now, if my eyes don’t deceive me, I believe these rabbits are actually Alec Azam, the rabbit from the 2008 Pixar short Presto.

Here’s where I’m going to get a little more into the realm of Rorschach tests, but stick with me. Moving back the pattern with the rings, I want to focus on the designs above and below, followed by those on the side. To me, I see a mustached magician’s face staring out from atop and underneath the rings. Off to each side it almost looks like the upper body outline of an assistant or magician raising her arms in a flourish at the end of an illusion. Now, considering the lore of AbracadaBar tells us that all of the magicians, stage hands, and assistants all vanished one night; is it all that hard to believe that some of them could be trapped in the wallpaper? If you’re looking for who these two figures might be, may I suggest that the figures of Lasdow the Lucky (Master of the Magic Hat) and Madame Heshire (Mover of the Moon).

Walt Disney World and the Imagineers that build the inclusive environments are masters of illusions and working in subtle nods to nudge their stories along. Is it any wonder that there attention to detail goes all the way to the wallpaper? Be sure to check it out the next time you stop by AbracadaBar for a Parlor Trick or Pepper’s Ghost!

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Go said...

Great eye on this wallpaper! Never saw this until you broke it down. Well done!