27 May 2016

Conch Flats Hospitality League

Those of you who have ever stayed at Old Key West, the original Disney Vacation Club property, know the Cast Members are second to none. Have you ever noticed, however, that they actively inform guests of what they can expect from the staff through two different postings at the resort? Let’s explore them a little closer.

The first item is down between the Sandcastle Pool and the campfire, a short stroll from the Hospitality House. It is known as the family tree and includes this sign.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort Will Actively Participate In The Guest Satisfaction Measurement Process, Which Will Nurture Our Family Tree.

We Will Share Ideas For Better Guest Satisfaction And Will Be Accountable For The Continuous Improevement Of The Guest Experience.

We Are Family Serving Family

While I believe this is a value held by Cast Members throughout Walt Disney World, especially in the resorts, I like that Old Key West puts it out there for everyone to see. Not only are they dedicated to ensuring everyone has a wonderful experience, they truly believe that they are all family.

Moving back inside the Hospitality House, we can find this artifact that gives even more guidance into how the guest experience is viewed, this time by the Conch Flats Hospitality League. The plaque attached to this display reads as follows.

The Conch Flats Hospitality League Service Theme

The Conch Flats Hospitality League will create unsurpassed vacation experiences for our guests. In the Disney tradition, we are:

Pioneers, blazing new Disney trails with vision, innovation and creativity.

Family, treating each other and our guests with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Entrepreneurs, striving for continuous daily improvement, energized by the pride of ownership.

Fun Seekers, seizing every opportunity to celebrate the moment with our guests and each other.

Business Persons, balancing the needs of our guests with the needs of the business.

Team Players, going “off the map” in support of each other as we simply do whatever it takes to satisfy our guests and ourselves.

This is a great mission statement, it shows their guiding principles and gives direction when someone may be lost. The most poignant piece to me, however, is the fact that it is the Conch Flats and not the Old Key West league. This is a sign that for these individual Cast Members this is more than a job, it is who they are. They have bought in to the story that surrounds them, and while Old Key West might be where that job is located, they come to work for the community of Conch Flats.

Take note of these dedications the next time you are wandering around Old Key West, and keep an eye out for other such ties to the family connection of Conch Flats. You never know when you might find a recently planted Live Oak demarking the resorts 25th anniversary or some other token of the Cast Members’ affection for the guest family.


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