03 May 2016

Lost and Unfound

The Adventurers Club is alive and well in our hearts and memories, but more and more we’re seeing that the S.E.A., that’s the Society of Explorers and Adventurers to the uninitiated, has taken its place as the eminent association around the globe. Walt Disney World is no exception, and the S.E.A. is a thread that is weaving into more and more tales around the resort. Case in point, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, where guests can find S.E.A. artifacts and individuals that tie not only to other destinations in Adventureland, but to Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian, and even some of Pleasure Island’s elder states-members of the Adventurers Club.

If we’re look for newly installed members of the S.E.A., new by terms of our knowledge of them and not necessarily in historical context, then we need look no further than the Crew’s Mess Hall. Here we can find the Lost and Unfound. Clearly some members have left behind a few belongings over the years, but what we’re most interested in today is that tool box located at the far left of the shelf.

This toolbox belongs to a J. Lindsey and has a warning affixed to it that it may contain a live snake. Is any of this sounding familiar? Clearly, Jock Lindsey has made his way over from Disney Springs. Jock is the proprietor of his namesake Hanger Bar in The Landing section of Disney Springs, but has been known to take part in adventures all over the globe. S.E.A. references can also been found scattered around the Hangar Bar. This only further confirms Jock’s membership in the society.

Perhaps his most famous exploit, certainly the most visible on the silver screen, was the time he accompanied Indiana Jones to Peru in 1936 in what we know as Raiders of the Lost Ark. In Raiders we, along with Indy, are introduce to Jock’s pet snake Reggie. While I wouldn’t think that he would fit in this latched box, though one can never tell, and perhaps this is just his mobile housing unit. Reggie’s main home, but not Reggie himself, can be found over at the Hangar Bar. That’s a story for another day, but I do wonder where that snake has slithered off to.

Need another Hangar Bar reference in the Skipper Canteen? Okay, how about that pith helmet also on the shelf. That poisonous dart appears to have punctured it perfectly. This dart is actually the swizzle stick of the Hangar Bar’s Hovito Mojito, named for the tribe of indigenous people Indy and Jock encounter in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Whether you’re a dedicated associate of the Adventurers Club, find more appeal in the S.E.A., or are carrying card members of both, there is something at the Skipper Canteen for everyone! The S.E.A. story continues to gain steam and members, and I’m always curious where and when it’ll pop up next. Plus, it seems that Jock is going to be critical to many of the stories we see around Walt Disney World for a while, which is perfectly fine by this explorer’s standards!

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