03 August 2015

Traditional French Recipes

There are many places in Walt Disney World that have seasonal bites and meals, entrees and treats that depend on the availability of the freshest ingredients or that change with the wants and needs of guests throughout the various seasons. One place that does this better than any is L’Artisan Des Glaces in Epcot’s France Pavilion where flavors come and go with the seasons and one of their two macaron ice cream sandwiches is reserved for a limited time specialty! Released on Friday, July 31, the current macaron sandwich is Peaches and Cream.

The two macarons that comprise the sandwich are a deep orange, tinged to the peach side, obviously. There is a hint of peach flavor in the macarons. Remember, these are French macarons, not coconut, so there is no blending or competing flavors. Just as you would expect from the light French cookies, the macarons are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

On the ice cream side of things, it is a creamy vanilla with bits of peaches worked in. When paired with the macarons, there is a wonderful mingling of textures and temperatures between the airy macarons at room temperature and cool, velvety ice cream.

The macaron ice cream sandwiches from L’Artisan Des Glaces aren’t as big as some of the other ice cream sandwiches found throughout Walt Disney World. They are the perfect size for an afternoon snack and filled with some of the highest quality ingredients of any ice cream bite in the resort. Head out and grab one of the Peaches and Cream macarons while they’re hot, or rather cold! They’re sure to be gone in a flash!

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