23 August 2015

I'll Be Your Guide During This Magical Journey

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your support.

I absolutely and whole-heartedly believe that. The Main Street Gazette has never been about likes, retweets, or even comments (although we love all of those). It was about one guy who had things to say about Walt Disney World, history to share with anyone who wanted to learn, and who wanted to make sure he was providing guests with as many tips, tricks, and reviews as he could to make they were getting the best trip they possibly could.

Along the way we made some friends. There were those that shared their knowledge and stories here as well, like Tony Caggiano, Greg Grimsley, AJ Wolfe, Eric Hoffman (whom this site would not look the same without), Estelle Hallick, Alan Mize, Zanna Mitchell, Melissa Sue Sorrells, Lou Mongello, and so many others. Then there are those relationships we’ve kept off of the site, such as the Gazette Girls, Scott, Lori, Stephanie and Larsen, Andy and Bonnie, Virginia and Harry, a handful of Cast Members who’ve reached out to us, and others I am certain I’ve left out. Not out of spite mind you, just because so many people have touched us over the years. Of course, many of these relationships bleed through categories like colleague, friend, mentor, family, just to be there all the time. You know who you are and how very dear you are to me. Then, there are all of you. I consider you as much a part of this site and my friends as anyone.

To all of the readers out there, you’ve been there whenever an article has popped up, and that’s gotten more and more sporadic these past couple of years. Sometimes it is because I know you’re waiting that I’ve pushed through to get an article done, other times you’ve stopped by to say goodbye, thinking the site is dwindling away, and that spurs me on in an entirely different way. No matter what I need, you find a way to be there and be exactly what I need in order to keep sharing the story of Walt Disney World with you. You’ve listened to me blather on about an opinion I have or have found insight in the little details I uncover, but you’re always there.

I usually try to think of where we’ll go next when I reach these anniversaries. Most of the time I’ve ended up making promises I can’t keep or try to reinvent the wheel when we already have a great thing going. This year, there are no promises or changes on the horizon, just more of what you’ve come to love and expect from the Main Street Gazette, that much I can promise. I hope the past eight years have meant something to you, because they have certainly meant the world to me.

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