27 August 2015

Sourcing from Local Districts

The recently opened Harambe Marketplace has a lot of food offerings. Just walking by the area is dangerous as you can be enticed inside its gate by catching of whiff of grilled meats. Of course, when you’re talking about sweets, there is a signature treat that will keep me coming back to Harambe again and again. The African Milk Tart doesn’t exactly have the most appealing name, but it is a sight and taste to behold.

Let me start out by saying I’m not a fan of most of the tarts I find around Walt Disney World. It isn’t that they have some defect or aren’t prepared well, by all accounts they are top notch when it comes to tarts. My sticking point with them is the crust. I’m not a big fan of crust on any of my desserts; graham cracker, pie, flaky pastry, it doesn’t matter what comprises the crust I’m just not a fan. The African Milk Tart, however, has a crust that I would gladly eat all on its own. It is a chocolate crust that isn’t quite graham cracker and not quite Oreo. It is just a real simple crust with enough cocoa to give it a chocolatey flavor, but not to overwhelm the filling.

What’s the filling in the African Milk Tart, you might ask? The name can be a bit misleading. While there is milk used heavily in the filling, it is coconut milk. The filling is a thick pudding consistency, with bits of coconut found in every bite. The tart is then drizzled with just a bit of chocolate and it is good to go. Think of it this way. If the Mounds candy bar were a sandwich, this would be the open-faced version of that candy sandwich.

For the longest time guests trekked to Harambe for its brownies and cupcakes. Those days may not be entirely over, but there is a new favorite in town. Not overly sweet, the unique African Milk Tart may not be as adventurous as the name suggests, but it certainly ups its game in the deliciousness department. Not giving this dessert a try would be, in my opinion, would do your taste buds a disservice.

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Adam and Andrew said...

So excited to try this in a couple weeks!