06 August 2015


Even though Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar isn’t slated to open until sometime this fall, it doesn’t mean we can start picking the place apart looking for details to talk about, right? As it turns out, if you take an interest in the construction from all the vantage points available in Downtown Disney/Disney Springs right now, you’ll be able to find this little beauty.

One, utilizing vehicles as dining locations isn’t anything new. Two, that being said, this river steamer is a beauty and we are saying that even before it’s entirely completed. Three, the real heart of what we’re looking for, the name of the boat is Reggie. We all know who Reggie is, right?

For those of you needing a little Jock Lindsey refresher, he was the pilot of the seaplane that Indy uses to escape during the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Once onboard the plane, Dr. Jones finds that he isn’t the only passenger in his seat. As it turns out, Jock has a pet boa constrictor that he regards as harmless while Indy is absolutely terrified. That snake was named Reggie. It looks like Reggie had a warm spot in Jock’s heart.

Quick fun fact, Reggie has always been listed as a boa constrictor in Indiana Jones lore, but the snake that was utilized on screen in Raiders was actually a Burmese Python.

All in all, this isn’t a totally unexpected find and it certainly isn’t going to be the most beloved find once Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar opens, but it is a nice treat to have during this phase of the construction. I can’t wait to see what else the place has in store for us!

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