10 October 2014

You Can Build It - Part VI

The World Showcase Lagoon is a marvel unto itself. It provides all the benefits a water feature can, the sound of moving water, a pleasant vista, and even a cooling effect during hot summer days, to each and every pavilion within World Showcase. The construction photographer we have been showcasing for the past two weeks certainly thought it was something special, even without water! We conclude our two week tour of EPCOT Center’s construction here, with a handful of photos taken from down inside the dry lagoon bed. I hope you have enjoyed these photographs as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you!

You can make out the sea walls that were constructed to create the islands of World Showcase Lagoon. Also, the irony of what was considered a dry lagoon was not lost on our photographer.

The girders for Japan are being hoisted into place.

China is further along in its assembly than some of the other pavilions.

While the two pavilions are clear to those of us who have seen the finished product, it is easy to see how St. Mark’s Campanile in Italy could have been confused with England’s Big Ben. The silhouette of The American Adventure, however, is unmistakable.

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