15 October 2014

Rejeresha Arts and Crafts Workshop

Earlier this year the Festival of the Lion King relocated to Harambe from Camp Minnie-Mickey. It took up residence in the old fort area of Harambe, right in the middle of a burgeoning market district. It just so happens that the Fastpass line for Festival of the Lion King runs right through Rejeresha Arts and Crafts Workshop, but first a bit of information about the fort.

The Harambe Fort was erected in 1498. In 1998, on April 22nd to be exact, the fort was an Official Harambe Heritage Site by the Ministry of Culture. April 22, 1998 was a big day for Harambe, as it was also the day that Disney’s Animal Kingdom was first opened. Coincidence? I think not!

Back to Rejeresha Arts and Crafts Workshop, the shop was issued its license for the spot they occupy in the Harambe Beach Quarter by Council of Commerce. Its license runs from October of 2012 and is good through December 31, 2017. What does Rejeresha sell, you ask? It is listed as a studio for the creation and selling of custom pieces of artwork. It also happens to make most of these works of art through recycling and reclaiming what others would consider trash. From cans of Coca-Cola, to scraps of telephone wire, and even beer bottle labels, nothing is discarded that could create a unique work of art.

I fell in love with the giraffes at Rejeresha Arts and Crafts Workshop, and wanted to purchase one for the missus, but unfortunately I couldn’t find someone to pay for the item. Perhaps I’ll have better luck on my next visit. In the meantime, let’s take a tour around the shop and see what else they have been creating!

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