06 October 2014

You Can Build It - Part IV

We’re back in World Showcase, and moving back to the time when EPCOT Center was still under construction. Like we mentioned last week, it is very obvious that the photographer was stationed on either the United Kingdom or Canada projects and was able to move between the pavilions. Today we’re taking a look at some of the work that was done on in and around Canada.

This set of photographs look at the various areas of rockwork that are employed on the Rocky Mountain section of the pavilion. There are also a couple of photos of the pavilion’s weenie, and one-time shop, the Hotel du Canada.

A set of rockwork closest to the ground, with another structure taking place beneath a tarp. Also the stairway through the mountain can be seen along the bottom right of the photograph.

For a look at the scale of this mountain section, there is a set of crew members looking over plans.

A look back at the same section, but with fabrication happening throughout the landscape.

While forced perspective may have been utilized to make the mountain appear larger than it actually was, this photo makes sure that we understand it is still a massive and impressive structure.

The Hotel du Canada, based upon Ontario’s Chateau Laurier, is beginning to take shape.

Details meant to be perceived as limestone brickwork on the Hotel du Canada start to appear.

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