01 October 2014

You Can Build It - Part II

Continuing on with our EPCOT Center construction tour, we’re stepping away from World Showcase for a little while and focusing in on a pair of Future World pavilions that seemed to also have the attention of our photographer. The Land and World of Motion were both captured in a pair of photographs.

For The Land, we’re looking at the greenhouses, specifically the Tropiculture greenhouse. The greenhouses were carefully plotted out in an effort to tell a specific story as guests made their way through them. On the side of World of Motion, this 60 foot high and 320 foot in diameter structure was built to remind guests of a wheel. It also served as a stark contrast to the other pavilions of Future World East which used harsh angular lines in their designs.

A close up, if somewhat blurry, look at the exterior of The Land’s greenhouse dome.

Another view of The Land’s domed greenhouse, this time we can also catch a glimpse of the red aquaculture facility.

A shot of World of Motion off in the distance, notice how it is already glimmering even at this stage in the construction process. Also, the lagoon sits empty during this period.

The lagoon begins to take on water, and is met by a sea wall. World of Motion begins to take shape, and even beams of the monorail have begun being installed.

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