13 November 2012

Where do you think you are, Disney World?

Of all the pavilions of Future World, Wonders of Life and Horizons share the distinction of shortest lifespan. In the case of Wonders of Life, the main thrust of the pavilion, the attractions of Body Wars, Cranium Command, and The Making of Me, only lasted approximately fifteen years. Unlike Horizons, however, once the pavilion went to seasonal status in 2004, before being shuttered permanently in 2007, it has found new life as Epcot’s festival center.
Here’s a glimpse of the pavilion being constructed in 1988. Next week, we’ll take a peek inside, but I love seeing the ties the bind throughout Future World. Notice the geodesic dome of Wonders of Life, reflecting the surface designs of both the geodesic sphere of Spaceship Earth and the greenhouses of The Land. Also, off in the distance you can see the construction work taking place at Disney-MGM Studios, as well as many of the resorts of Crescent Lake, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Dolphin, and Swan.

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Unknown said...

Man I love constructions pictures of Epcot...

Do you have that in a larger size? I would love to see some more close-up details of WoL.

Thanks for your awesome blog!