27 November 2012

Happy birthday to you

All right folks, in a little less than two weeks I’m going to turn the big 3-1! That is to say a birthday without a whole lot of oomph behind it. So, I’m going to turn the Main Street Gazette over to all of you that day. Between now and Friday December 7, send me your questions and I’ll answer them for you, but I have to get at least 31 questions.

Ask me anything! Want to know who I think would win in a battle between Darth Vader and the Doctor? Done. Want me to expand upon the geodesic design element that runs rampant through Epcot? Sure thing. You really really want to know what my favorite song is? Got it.

So email me, tweet me, drop the questions onto my Facebook timeline, but make sure I get at least 31 questions! Now, if I get more than 31 questions, I’ll randomly draw 31 from the pool I have. If I don’t get 31 questions, you’re not going to get any answers, only an article about a gallery I adore that happens to reside somewhere in Walt Disney World. How’s that for inspiration!

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