23 November 2012

Tanks a lot

Like the collective billboard that can be seen at the entrance to towns across the country, featuring the signs of the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, and other social organizations, the community of Coral Caves Beach wants to pass along some information to guests. This billboard, seen in the queue of The Seas with Nemo and Friends, shares some local warnings, businesses, and organizations, all with a distinctly Nemo feel. Let’s tour the billboard clockwise from the top left.

Possible Strong Currents – Could that be the EAC?

Tanks A Lot Dive Shop in Coral Caves Beach. To Air is Human. HOURS: 7am – 6pm Daily. 1401 Coral Coast Hwy. – While the shark featured here may not be of the Nemo variety, the wordplay is terrific. Oh and the address of 1401, that’s a reference to 1401 Flower Street in Glendale, CA, home to Walt Disney Imagineering.

TURTLE Nesting area beyond this point, please do not disturb turtles on beach – Yep, that’s Crush and Squirt out for a little father and son bonding time.

Please Help To Protect Our Reef – Featuring Dory!

Swimming Allowed (Please swim within marked areas) – Nothing fishy going on here, just your typical beach warning.

SHARKS SIGHTED! Please read all posted warnings at beach entrance – Don’t worry, that’s only Bruce, Anchor and Chum, and they know that fish are our friends, not food. Humans on the other hand…

Daily Diving Departures provided by Nautical Exploration & Marine Observation – Nautical Exploration & Marine Observation, huh? Seems like NEMO got himself a new job providing diving departure times.

Yellow Diamond – While there is no text on this sign, it uses the yellow diamond shape that is used exclusively as a warning sign by the DMV. In this case, it indicates that guests should be aware of jellyfish in the area.

Pelican Preserve – Nigel is having a nice little rest on this sign, probably before setting off to watch another root canal with the tank gang!

There you have it, a lot of cameos from Nemo’s friends and some telling tidbits from the Coral Caves Beach community. The waters up ahead in the queue offer up some entertainment of their own, but luckily for us the Coral Caves Beach shoreline offers up some tantalizing details of its own!

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