12 July 2012

Thank you folks for coming to my kitchen

Yesterday Steven Miller revealed quite a bit of merchandise for the 2012 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. There were pins and oven mitts, Vinylmations and glasses, but the really special unveiling from Steven’s article came in the form the festival artwork from Noah.
Noah has rapidly become a household name when it comes to Disney collectible art, and the praise and accolades are well-deserved, but he has really outdone himself this time. The image is so realistic, that even after Steven revealed it to be a painting, I was hard pressed to believe it. The wine bottles, glasses, even the passports and napkins just looked too much like the real deal to me.

I’m generally one to collect artwork from the Flower and Garden Festival in the spring and only collect pounds from dishes and beverages of the fall’s Food and Wine Festival. This year, however, I am almost certainly going to have to make a detour to see and pick up this artwork in person. Hopefully, it’ll be a weekend with an artist signing so I can express to Noah just how fond I am of his work, particularly this piece!

It’s a bit of a shift away from the most recent Epcot International Food and Wine Festival pieces, with overblown features placed upon chefs and piles of food, but this is a piece I could see hanging in my house. What about you? Do you like this year’s artwork or do you prefer the directions taken in the past couple of years?

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Rich T. said...

My favorite's the whimsical chefs art from 2010, but when I realized this one was a painting, my jaw dropped open. Awesome.