31 July 2012

Innovations for tomorrow and nations of today

As part of the prelude to EPCOT Center’s opening, Walt Disney World put on quite a show. In addition to a preview center, guests were also able to take a trip aboard the monorail to view the project in the final stages of its construction, and there was even a way to excite friends and family back home. A postcard booklet featuring preview images of concept art and scale models was the perfect preview for those who couldn’t wait to explore Future World and World Showcase.

The booklet wasn’t a collection of postcards to send out to various destinations, it was an accordion style pamphlet that folded up and was sent to one person in one neat package. The thirteen images within covered the pavilions of Future World and World Showcase, as well as EPCOT Center as a whole.

30 years ago, as Walt Disney World was on the verge of unveiling EPCOT Center to the world, this would have been the perfect way to pass the coming weeks until the park opened. So, let’s venture back to 1981 and early 1982 and see what the future would look like on October 1, 1982.

EPCOT CENTER opens Oct. 1, 1982, showcasing innovations for tomorrow and nations of today.

Reaching nearly 17 stories high, Spaceship Earth will be the first “geosphere” ever.

Guests will set sail for “Tomorrow’s Harvest” aboard the “Listen to the Land” boat cruise in The Land.

In Horizons, guests will actually visit three-dimensional future habitats.

Guests will ride through World of Motion, a humorous look at the evolution of our “Freedom of Mobility.”

Colorful realms of creativity will be explored when guests ride through a Journey into Imagination.

Audio-Animatronics figures of Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain will host The American Adventure.

In the “Rose & Crown” pub of the United Kingdom pavilion, guests may feats of traditional British fare.

Within the majestic Mayan pyramid of the Mexico pavilion, guests will sail along “Rivers of Time.”

The towers of an ancient feudal fortress will be the dramatic backdrop for the Japan pavilion.

A new “Eiffel Tower” will rise above the boulevard shops filled with French products in the France pavilion.

CircleVision 360 surrounds guests with imagery of China in the People’s Republic of China pavilion.

Oktoberfest revelry will be enjoyed year-round at an authentic biergarten in the Germany pavilion.

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Rich T. said...

I didn't know you could ride the monorail for a sneak peek of Epcot before it was completed -- Neat! Was there a recorded narration for the experience?