11 July 2012

Si si, fruit fruit

It’s summertime, which means that it is the season for tropical desserts! The Citrus Swirl may be the perfect tropical summer snack, but we’re venturing off the well worn path to our other favorite type of dessert in Walt Disney World, cupcakes! Luckily for us, Sunshine Seasons at Epcot had a similar idea and has brought guests the Pineapple Coconut Cupcake!

The Pineapple Coconut Cupcake has a yellow cake base, topped with buttercream frosting, toasted coconut, and bite-sized chunks of pineapple.
Before we get into the taste and flavors of the cupcake, it is important to take notice of the newest trend in Walt Disney World’s cupcakes, the lack of an apparent filling. Whether it has been a fruit jam, chocolate, or cheesecake, cupcakes all throughout the parks and resorts have been known for their sweet surprise fillings in recent years. That trend appears to be reversing course, or at the very least, allowing for a broader palate with which to create delicious mounds of cake and frosting.

Without a filling of any sort a yellow cake base may sound a bit bland, but just because it doesn’t have a fruit filling inside doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to jam! There is a hint of coconut and a strong pineapple presence to the mixture, but no flecks of coconut or shredded pineapple are present. After a short discussion with Sunshine Seasons always helpful Cast Members, the source of the flavor turns out to be coconut extract and pineapple juice. Not only do these add tiers of flavor to the cupcake, but they also make it very moist.

The frosting is top notch, as always. The pineapple pieces are a bit acidic, playing well off of the sweetness of the cakes and frosting, and causing my mouth to water. The coconut shavings are very well done. Where they could have just been added for texture and a second tropical sensation, the bakers took the extra step of toasting the coconut first. The toasting adds a warming element to the taste of the cupcake, which is evident even when the cupcake is chilled.

The peak of summer may not make you think of cupcakes, but it was the perfect time to introduce the Pineapple Coconut Cupcake to guests at Sunshine Seasons. This is a delicious treat that is stuffed with tropical and fruity goodness, without the need of a glass or tiny paper umbrella!

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V @ No Privacy At All Around This Place! said...

Points for increasing the variety of flavors of course, but they couldn't do a coconut cream filling? Or a pineapple jam type filling similar to an apple pie filling I know they do in other cupcakes?

I mourn the slow demise of the cupcake fillings. :****(