23 July 2012

Get your fame on

When we think back to the early days of Disney’s Hollywood Studios we often talk about the living studio with animation being put into motion each day. Guests were often treated to celebrity guest appearances where the film or television star would enshrine their hand and footprints, and the odd nose imprint or rocket impact, to be placed in from of the Chinese Theater, also known as The Great Movie Ride. The regular appearances of movie stars may have gone the way of the golden age of Hollywood, but the handprints are here to stay. Of course, if you want to see the hands of the rich and famous, there is another destination at Walt Disney World.
The Planet Hollywood Downtown Disney satellite, located on the border between Pleasure Island and West Side, features a kiosk that is covered in seemingly white and blue tiles. A closer inspection reveals many of the white tiles presents the handiwork of a recognizable star of the big or small screen. And by handiwork, I mean their handprints and occasional message.

The main difference between the prints at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Planet Hollywood, aside from the lack of footprints, is the name plaques affixed to each square. Most of the signatures on any of the tiles are legible, but there are those that cannot be read, rather than trying to puzzle out some of the signatures the plates immediately allow guests to know who prints they’re looking at.
There is nothing that can take away the special feeling guests can get while strolling the plaza in front of The Great Movie Ride searching for their favorite celebrities’ square, but it is nice to know it isn’t the only place in Walt Disney World to do a little stargazing! From Harrison Ford to Luke Perry, there is a healthy selection of movie star impressions that can’t be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which gives guests just one more reason to visit Downtown Disney.

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