06 March 2012

A world we've yet to see


Talk about a world of opportunity! If a photo like this surfaced of a new park coming to Walt Disney World today, with no real knowledge of the attractions that would fill a park, not to mention a basic theme from which all the experiences would spawn out of, it is very possible that the internet would shatter into thousands of irreparable shards.

Take a moment, think about it. If you saw a stretch of land like this, which was announced to be a part of a new park/resort/entertainment area/etc., what kind of dreams would you like to fill it with?


Aivilo310 said...

I would fill it with water.....

Looking closely at the picture, it looks like the botton of the Seven Seas Lagoon. It appears the machinery is scraping up all that beautiful white sand to put on the shore.

But I love the picture. So neat to see these pre opening pictures. Ryan, I do not know how you get all these awesome pics, but please keep them coming.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Aivilo310 - I agree with you 100 percent, I'm almost certain it is the islands of the Seven Seas Lagoon! Someone else mentioned Rivers of America to me, but the expanse of area to fill with water is far to great. Also, the island is too small and not the right shape for Bay Lake.

And as long as you keep reading, I'll keep finding photos to talk about!