21 March 2012

Fresh Florida Strawberry

Plant City, Florida, about 45 minutes down the road from Walt Disney World has been known as the winter strawberry capital of the world for well over one hundred years. Each February and early March this status is reintroduced to the outside world via the Florida Strawberry Festival. It seems this local favorite has finally stretched out across the state over to Walt Disney World with the introduction of a limited treat in Epcot, the Fresh Florida Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae.

Found inside the Edy’s sponsored Fountain View ice cream parlor, the sundae is not listed on the main marquee, but in a small plaque next to the registers. The frosty snack features fresh cut strawberries, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. In the midst of the International Flower and Garden Festival this parade of pink, white, and red is the perfect accompaniment.

It takes a while to dig through the whipped cream, but once you do you are rewarded with the rich, creamy flavors of Edy’s strawberry ice cream. Next comes a layer of berries, more ice cream, and a few more berries tucked away at the bottom of the glass. If I have one complaint with the sundae it is that the top tier of ice cream is so large that it is next to impossible to pair it with the strawberries beneath for most of the frozen feast.

It is great to see a local delicacy being featured so prominently during its harvest season. With such a warm winter taking place in Florida this year, there have been a bumper crop of berries in the state, and I can think of no better way to cool off than with the Fresh Florida Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae.


Anonymous said...

We've always wanted to eat at the Fountain View Ice cream parlor! That looks so yummy! When we crave a sundae we always head to either Ghiradelli or Beaches and Cream. We'll be sure to stop by on our next trip in August to try a sundae here. Do you have a link to their menu?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Gabriella - Here's a copy of the menu, although seasonal items aren't listed: http://allears.net/menu/menu_fvc.htm I hope you enjoy whatever you find there!