15 March 2012

The fun-filled world

Before we get going today, I want to let everyone know that the Photo Safaris are going to be going on hiatus here on the Main Street Gazette’s main page. We’ll still be putting together thematic albums on our Facebook page and short daily tours in our Twitter feed. So, what can you expect to find on the front page of your Gazette starting next Thursday? A second perspective article!

Monday’s Perspective commentary has always been my thoughts on what should be happening or things that deserve recognition in Walt Disney Word. This second editorial will be utilized as a tool for discussing a piece of news or highly topical subject each and every week. The Gazette has never been a news site for Walt Disney World, there are too many others who are too good at that for me to throw my hat in, but I hope this new venture will offer you new insights into the world of Walt Disney World.

Now, since this is our like regularly scheduled Photo Safari, I want to go out with something important. The attraction posters that line the tunnels of the Main Street, U.S.A. are the first glimpse into the adventures guests are about to experience. These posters have been in the Magic Kingdom since it opened in 1971, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact similar, sometimes eerily so, posters in Disneyland predate their Walt Disney World counterparts.

If the Magic Kingdom is one adventure, one movie feature, then the entranceways of the Walt Disney World Railroad station are the lobby. In which case, these posters are, in fact, the coming attractions. When you visit the Magic Kingdom, which poster really gets your blood pumping?


TheCookieJarvis said...

These posters are just great, I have always loved them so thank you for this post! For me, the Tomorrowland artwork always gets me so excited. I just love that 1960s vision of the "future" and the fascination with outerspace during that era.

Rich T. said...

They're all fantastic, but I LOVE the Space Mountain poster; it really captures the feeling of the ride experience in one bold image!