30 March 2012

Brings these movies to life

This little booth, with darkened windows and ornate fixtures, seems like it could fit right into the Magic Kingdom of the 1970’s when A – E ticket booklets were the tender required to experience the park’s incredible attractions. But, that’s not where this little gem can be found. Instead, this booth sits perched just outside of the Great Movie Ride.

The Great Movie Ride is housed within a replica of the Chinese Theater found in Hollywood, CA. And when I say replica, I mean it! The Imagineers decided to utilize actual details of the theater in their version, using archival records and photographs to build it exactly like the 1927 version of the famous movie house. Those plans included the ticket booth that resided in the Chinese Theater’s courtyard. While the ticket booklets had been phased out long before ground even broke on Disney-MGM Studios (known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios today), the project was not only true to the original structure but also gives a nod back to the earliest days of Walt Disney World.

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