11 January 2012

Destination: Disney - 18 February 2012

Okay gang, a while back I promised you some big news coming for fans of the Main Street Gazette. Well, here it is!That’s right, I’m going to be taking part in a lecture program dealing with the history of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. From Ayefour to Animal Kingdom, I can promise you all a short history of nearly everything Vacation Kingdom.

While it is a regional event, I certainly hope those of you that can make the trip will venture towards Raleigh, NC on February 18 to join me for the experience! I would certainly appreciate any and every one who can come out!


Gator Chris said...

Wow! This sounds great. It's on my calendar!

- Chris

Dan Brooks said...

Thanks for promoting this Ryan! Hopefully the power of the interwebs will help us fill seats and gets lots of NC Disney-philes out to join us! Really looking forward to it!

Jeff Lipack said...

Sounds great. I'm planning to be there!!