19 January 2012

The showplace of the shore

The Attic is a special events space found inside Disney’s BoardWalk. Like many attics BoardWalk’s is not easy to get to, but rather than use a rope-pull and a fold-out ladder, this room requires wandering down a winding corridor, past a number of guest rooms, towards the very end of the third floor. The room isn’t big enough for a large reception, but the room comes complete with a verandah with a vista of the BoardWalk, Crescent Lake, Yacht and Beach Club and Epcot.

Filling the nooks, crannies and eaves are a diverse selection of items that could be in any attic. Books, toys, pictures, old license plates, birdcages and even the furnishings fit the motif. Some of the more beautiful elements to fill the space are the stained-glass windows, as seen below.

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