12 January 2012

Character development

In December, Walt Disney World gave an early Christmas present to all of its annual passholders, a calendar. The artwork used in the calendar came from the vast collection of animation concept art. However, this was no ordinary calendar. While it came with a suggested list of ordering the images, they were separate from the actually date section of the calendar. In other words, if you wanted to put the suggested artwork for December, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, in June, go right ahead. Similarly, if you decided you wanted to look at the Buzz Lightyear concept work for three, six, or even twelve months, you could do that too!

It got me thinking about the unused queue from The Magic of Disney Animation, formerly the queue for the Studios Backlot Tour. In this zigzagging line you were educated on the importance of character development to a story. I imagine most guests glossed over this informative tile as they were blown away by the copious amounts of animation art.While these are not the same pieces of concept art from the 2012 annual passholder calendar, I’m willing to bet you could pick your favorite images from this safari of The Magic of Disney Animation queue and incorporate them into your own 2012 calendar.

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melissa sue said...

What a beautiful set! I especially love the Pochahontas art--I've never seen anything like that, and it would look beautiful hanging in my living room!! Anyone know if these are for sale somewhere?