20 January 2012

Dashing heroes

Aside from the actually ride vehicles themselves, and the showroom display models, there are not many complete vehicles lying around Test Track. Throughout the queue there are sections and pieces being put through rigorous testing, but they are far from complete and road worthy. One car in the queue, however, has been on the move for quite a while.

Just inside the building, after the first turn in the queue’s road, sits an exhibit discussing General Motors’ first testing facility, a site in Milford, Michigan that they began using in 1924. The scene includes worn workbenches, black and white photographs, a chalkboard, machinery parts and a 1927 Chevrolet.For those of you who visited the park back when it was EPCOT Center and this attraction was known as World of Motion, this car may seem familiar. It did, once upon a time, have a prominent position within the attraction itself. It was featured in the air show/flying ace scene, where fashionable ladies swooned over the courageous aviator. The car was situated off to one side, filled with an excited family, including a small boy hanging off of the side flying his toy airplane in the breeze.

Whether guests today are aware of the car’s history, as you now are, it is good to know that history still has its place in the former World of Motion pavilion. History of the automotive and the park itself.


J. Jeff Kober said...

I love that car as well. The question becomes where does it go next? I was talking to an imagineer yesterday and he said that the whole area is going to be changed out completely. Apparently there are over 100 computers that are being used in the interactive design pre-show. Interesting.

Greg said...

Appreciate the nod to World of Motion. I still miss that attraction.