20 July 2011

Canyon skillet

There is quite a lot of good food to be found in Bay Lake. The wilderness areas, both the lodge and the campgrounds, offer a lot of down home cooking. Comfort foods that were regular meal time favorites growing up, especially if you spent your youth in the south. For fried chicken you go to Trail’s End or Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, but if you want something a bit more upscale you mosey down to Artist Point. But then again, you might be hankering for something a bit more substantial. In which case you whoop and holler over to the ironically named Whispering Canyon Cafe.
What could be found at this unruly cafe, where the mention of ketchup or failure to do the Hokey Pokey will get publicly ridiculed, could possibly stuff you up enough to burst your buttons? Why, the Canyon Skillet of course! How about a rundown of this ‘All You Care To Enjoy’ item. It starts with loaves of fresh-baked cornbread, with just a hint of sweetness, that are large enough to fill a lesser appetite all on its own. For sides, the never ending skillet comes with red skinned mashed potatoes with peels still present, creamy coleslaw, ears of corn on the cob and hot, savory cowboy beans. For the main meat of this meal, the Canyon Skillet is filled with smoked pork ribs, oven roasted chicken and pork sausages. Oh, and did I mention the small pitcher of smokey sweet barbeque sauce?!?!What else could you ask for after a day on the dusty trails of Frontierland? How about seconds? Or thirds, or however many of this cast iron skillets you can put away. Here is the wonderful part, they are absolutely happy to bring you precisely what you need and everyone will have their own personal favorite element of the meal. Needs some more slaw or perhaps your wife really loved the ribs? Quick as a flash there will be more in your skillet. Of course, what you really need to request more of, are the wet naps to rid yourself of all that messy goodness before heading back out into civilized territory.There is seemingly no end to the buffets and all you can eat meals around Walt Disney World. With endless amounts of food, surely each and every meal would fill you up, but it takes a special kind of meal to do it with comfort foods reminiscent of summer barbeques and lazy Sunday afternoons. And yet, the Canyon Skillet at Whispering Canyon Cafe will do the trick every single time!


Chad Stiemke said...

This looks awesome. We were planning on going there as part of January vacation; think this article put it over the top. Thanks!

disneynorth said...

Great post. Can you get th skillet on the dining plan?