28 July 2011

All aboard

Walt Disney’s love affair with steam trains has been well documented, and there is no better documentation that Michael Broggie’s massive account Walt Disney’s Railroad Story. Yet, there is nothing more prolific than watching a passion in action. The gleam in the eye and the wrinkles bunching up around the corners of the eyes and mouth as true joy washes over an individual is truly a sight to behold. Luckily, for those guests wishing they could witness Walt and his trains, they barely have to move beyond the Magic Kingdom’s front gates to obtain such insight.

On the first level of the Main Street station of the Walt Disney World Railroad, there is a fine selection of locomotive photographs chronicling Disney’s steam train history. My pictures (which are often blurry or gobbled up by the flash) of these photographs scarcely begin to do them justice, which may be a blessing in disguise, as I hope you will use this newfound knowledge to seeking this spot out and bask in the photographic history yourself. And then, who knows, maybe take a trip aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad and begin, or renew, your own infatuation with riding the rails!

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