25 May 2011

Plan a proper meal

I was graciously granted a review copy of The DFB Guide to Disney World Dining by my good friend, and the book’s author, AJ Wolfe several months ago. There have already been some extraordinary reviews of this book, but I wanted to make sure I gave it my unbiased opinion and full attention, so I took a copy of the book along with me to Walt Disney World last month to give it a solid test run.

I thought it would be difficult to push aside everything I knew about dining in Walt Disney World, but the easy manner in which AJ presented information made my convenient amnesia enjoyable. Want to know if the Disney Dining Plan is for you, and if so, which one? It’s in here. Want to know the best way to work the Advanced Dining Reservation system? Yep, she talks about that too. Want to know the best bets nearest to your current location in a park? She can help you there. Want to plan a trip around great food instead of attractions? Believe it or not, she has touring itineraries to help. Think you know about dining at Walt Disney World? I’m willing to bet AJ has something in here that will surprise even the most weathered guest.

Every restaurant, snack stop and watering hole from every corner of Walt Disney World, from the four parks to resorts, Downtown Disney and even water parks, is brought to life in this single volume. As if the words on the page weren’t tempting enough, The DFB Guide to Disney World Dining brings dishes and restaurants to life with gorgeous color photographs throughout the 250 page text.

There is a catch to AJ’s book, and that is that it only comes in e-book form. While this may mean you cannot have a bound copy to slide into that special spot on your bookshelf, it does mean it is much simpler to carry The DFB Guide with you around Walt Disney World. Use it on your home computer to plan ahead, on your laptop in the hotel room to make adjustments and on the go with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Others, including myself, can talk about food and culinary events at Walt Disney World with some level of expertise, but AJ takes the cake. For years she has studied every angle of the Disney dining experience with the sole purpose of passing the benefits on to the readers of The Disney Food Blog. The innumerable hours spent pouring over menus and figures is brought to fruition in this one work.

When discussing travel to Walt Disney World there are books that often find their way into a suitcase or backpack. Most notably The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, Hidden Mickeys Guide and Lou Mongello’s Walt Disney World Trivia Books. It should go without saying that AJ’s guide immediately raises itself into that category.

This incredible volume presents well-researched, critical information about dining in Walt Disney World in a bright, fun manner. The digital availability of The DFB Guide to Disney World Dining will keep weight out of your touring backpack, while saving you valuable time and money. Just be sure not to page through this guide on an empty stomach!

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