22 May 2011

Disney This Week - 22 May 2011

One of my favorite creatures since childhood, possibly because I grew up in Florida, is the manatee. Melissa Loflin takes note of the manatees in The Seas for Makin’ Memories.

A relaunched Star Tours has been thrilling guests for a week now. Who better to get a (spoiler free) Star Tours review from than Mr. Studios himself? Check out the thoughts of Matt Hochberg at Studios Central.

Fiona Doyle gives us a great piece of Walt Disney history found in Disneyland Paris on DF’82.

The Disney Food Blog and AJ Wolfe present the best tips for bringing home snacks from Walt Disney World.

Two articles of note from Imaginerding this week. First up, George Taylor gives a breakdown of what rocked and what sunk like a rock at Destination D last weekend. He also shares one of my favorite restroom signs, in one of my favorite spots in Walt Disney World.

R.A. Pedersen unveils Norway’s updated film proposal that was rejected by Walt Disney Imagineering. Head over to The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia and judge for yourself.

DesignerLand scribe and artist Richard puts forth the idea of a poster based off of Walt Disney’s sketch for Walt Disney World.

Over at Eating WDW, Sarah Holodick gives readers more than enough reasons to take on the menu at Tambu Lounge.

Jeff Heimbuch sheds light on the history and hidden gems of the Jungle Cruise for Disney Dispatch.

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