13 May 2011

Come on, everybody

Sometimes an image is so iconic, that it doesn’t require an explanation. Then again, when has the obvious ever stopped us?

The opening sequence of Peter Pan’s Flight is one such recognizable scene. It introduces guest to Peter Pan, though the boy who never grew up never actually makes an appearance. What does turn up, however, is Peter’s shadow.The inclusion of Peter’s shadow is a critical element to the tale of Peter Pan. Peter’s shadow is apprehended by the Darling’s nurse-dog, Nana, in one of Peter’s previous visits to the Darling nursery. No matter which incarnation of Peter Pan is being explored, the scene in the nursery with Peter’s attempt to reapply his shadow with soap, followed by Wendy successfully reattaching the shadow to Peter Pan by sewing it on, sets the stage for everything that comes after.

In Peter Pan’s Flight, Peter’s shadow makes a fleeting trip through the room of Wendy, Michael and John as guest begin their journey to Never Never Land. It is a minute detail to include, but one that is critical to the story of Peter. Now, to quote our favorite flying rapscallion as we head into a weekend, “Come on, everybody! Here we go! Off to Never Land!”

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