28 August 2008

Lighting around

A while back Jessica, from If We Can Dream It…, took us on a tour of the World Showcase light poles. The lampposts presented not only show how the eye of the Imagineers hones in on every little detail, but, they also provide that out of sight, out of mind detail that truly ties the feeling of the area together. Two examples of this lamppost ambiance that I have been intrigue with for a while now are the Tree posts in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, and the interior lights of the Land Pavilion in Epcot.
The retro-future of Tomorrowland includes a lot of metal and concrete, but very little in the way of vegetation. That means shade trees would be at a premium. Unless of course you combine that knack for metalwork with a community need, which is precisely what these trees of Tomorrowland have done. And, rather than clutter up the streets with poles for various functions, the future-minded denizens of Tomorrowland combined manufactured shade with manufactured light. Now, that’s forward thinking!
Meanwhile, the Land Pavilion has found a way to enhance the main area of the pavilion by incorporating a theme from its marquee attraction, Soarin’. Whether these lampposts are gliders, a flock of birds, or just emulate the feeling of flight is a Rorschach Test. The fact remains that some thought of flying consciously or unconsciously enters the guests’ minds as they make their way through the pavilion in a very uplifting and encouraging manner.

The next time you are wandering the streets of Walt Disney World, it is probably worth your while to find out how exactly your steps are being lit.

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