09 August 2008

Bringing brighter days

I have been remiss in mentioning Contemplative by Design: Creating Quiet Spaces for Retreats, Workshops, Churches, and Personal Spaces, by Gerrie L. Grimsley and Jane J. Young. If you follow The Disney Obsession, you know that this is the book co-authored by Doc’s wife. While the ideas presented within the book obviously come from a heartfelt spiritual base, you do not have to be spiritual yourself to gleam wonderful insight from quiet spaces plans. As Doc could tell you, even though I have absolutely no space to build any type of garden in my current residence, I have an unabashed enthusiasm for designing and redesigning my own garden. When that garden finally arrives, you can bet I will have taken a page, or two or three, out of Gerrie’s book!

By way of bringing all of this back to Disney, Doc, in his ever present humility, never mentioned on his sight that he has two photo credits in the book. That’s right, he’s a big-time published photographer now! Oh, and I just happen to know that one of his two images just happens to be from somewhere in Walt Disney World. Perhaps it will appear in a Where in the World someday as well.

Oh, and Gerrie, thank you so much for the book, Aileen and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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gerrie said...

Greetings Ryan, and thank you so much for the kind words and endorsement of my book. What a nice surprise!

Your dream of an outdoor garden for a home based "quiet space" for personal reflection sounds lovely. I feel peaceful just thinking about it!

I'm looking forward to spending more time with you and Aileen at WDW in September. It will be fun to meet more DOC's Disney friends as well.

See you there!

Mrs. DOC