10 August 2008

I lived in Marceline

Saturday, September 20th, Walt Disney’s boyhood town of Marceline, MO will be hosting its 10th annual Toonfest, a local celebration that includes exhibits, a Princess Tea Party, kettle corn and apple butter, the Yellow Creek Pirates, seminars and demonstrations by world-renowned illustrators, kettle corn and apple butter, a parade, silent auction, oh, and did I mention the kettle corn and apple butter? As well, the Walt Disney Hometown Museum will be open. This year’s speakers are Michael Jantze, Jan Eliot, Greg Evans, and Dave Coverly. Should you be in the area that weekend, I recommend stopping by and see the place where Walt spent several years of his childhood, and where he once humbly stated that, “I’m not a funny guy; I’m just a farm boy from Marceline that hides behind a duck and a mouse.”

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Unknown said...

Did someone mention KETTLE CORN? Woo hoo! Love the stuff some much I make it myself!

Velma's "Wicked Delicious" Kettle Corn popcorn