15 August 2008

Letters to the Editor - Everybody neat and pretty?

It isn’t everyday that the Gazette gets a letter, though we love when we do, it gives us a chance to stretch our people skills and our research muscles! Today we received this delightful email:

Good Morning,

I am trying to find out what brand of shampoo the Disney World resorts used before the H20. I noticed you posted an entry about the switch. I am hoping to find out which brand was in the bottles with the quote “Everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!

I would appreciate any information you have.

To be honest, I was kind of stumped, but the question had piqued my curiosity as well, so I started digging. The bottom of the shampoo and condition bottles, stamped with the name Hunter Amenities Int’l and a phone number, gave me a clue to dig with. The number and the name both led me back to, surprise surprise, Hunter Amenities International Ltd.

Hunter Amenities has been producing hotel and spa beauty products since 1980. They have created, or co-created, collections for Westin, Loews Hotels, Hyatt, Portico, and Revive among others. They use a wide variety of fragrances, ingredients, and unique packaging and molds to assist their clients in creating the perfect product to represent them.

So the “Everybody neat and pretty” brand was created solely for Disney by Hunter Amenities International until the switch to H20 Plus in 2006. Which means, unfortunately for those of us who seek to have a little bit of the resorts at home with us, that we cannot just run out to our local store and pick these bath items up. However, for those of you interested in the new Disney brand, a number of the products available at the resorts are also available online from H20 Plus.

I hope that keeps you all squeaky clean so you can get on with your show!

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Princess Fee said...

Thanks for doing all the hard work for us, Ryan! I still have my wrapper from the soap, during one of my previous stays. Such a cute little souvenir!

Of course, we have the toilet paper from our first stay at Port Orleans back in the early 90s, when it was Mickey Mouse toilet paper... And they say the Scots are tight with their money?!