26 March 2008

Where to go

Hidden Mickeys are not just in the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. They can be found at Disney properties worldwide, and sometimes people even see them beyond the realms of Disney. Last December when my wife, Aileen, and I were at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort we took a few hours to go in search of Hidden, and d├ęcor, Mickeys. To assist us in our search we stopped by the Front Desk and picked up a copy of their clues for the Hidden Mickey Hunt! In case you are going to be near Hilton Head, SC soon, and happen to pop in to see the resort or Shadow, here’s the clues for you to start your own hunt. While there are plenty of other ways to see Mickey at the resort, these are the official clues that we were provided with, along with a map to help you on your way.
Clue 1: In Community Hall, look high up on the wall…
Clue 2: There is nothing like a nice cozy Den in which to curl up by the fire.
Clue 3 & 4: When you check-in, make sure your knees do not bump up against these! (Name two that you see)
Clue 5: After looking down by your knees, look up to the trees, right above the keys…
Clue 6: On the bridge, I hold information for all to behold.
Clue 7: Where to go today? What to do today? Look here!
Clue 8: Up by the bell, have a seat and look down at your feet.
Clue 9: I’m made of brass, if you must ask.
Clue 10: Your seafood is always fresh if you fish in the May River…
Clue 11: Flying high above Hilton Head, who is the captain and who is the passenger?
Clue 12: After surveying the signs, we found our Mouse to be “mapped out.”
Clue 13: Where the fish are always jumpin’, so is the Mouse!
Clue 14: Without these, Smith and Thompson would be no more!

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Andy said...

Man, that would have been great when I was there! I found a few hidden Mickeys but the clues are a great addition. Hilton Head is a wonderful resort - certainly worth visiting for those who haven't been there!