28 March 2008

Together on a holiday - Part III

Our next stop, as we tour Epcot's World Showcase Kidcot Fun Stops, is Germany. The Edelweiss Hat is a traditional folk hat of the Bavarian region of Germany. These hats are generally adorned with a feather or an Edelweiss blossom. The story of the Edelweiss blossom tells the tale of the Ice Queen of the Alps, when the mountains were much taller than they are today. When she fell in love with a man, the gnomes that had served her for so long became jealous and threw him headfirst into the valley below. When the Ice Queen found him, she shed only one tear, and that tear became Edelweiss, a flower of purity and beauty.


1 Sheet of green construction paper (12 x 18)
1 Square of white paper (3 x 3)
1 Circle of yellow paper (1 inch diameter)
1 Feather
2 Fee of elastic string
Glue stick
Hole punch

Fold the sheet of green construction paper in half long-ways, so that it measures 9 x 12.
Fold the two corners (one at a time, along the 12 inch side of the paper) towards the center of the paper. This should create two 6 x 6 triangles on the top of the paper, and leave three inches below the triangles.
Fold the three inch section in half, then fold the sections up again, this will create a brim for the hat.
Using the scissors and white paper, cut out a flower shape.
Attach the yellow circle to the flower’s center with the glue stick, and then glue the entire flower to the brim of the hat.
Punch holes on each side of the hat, attach each end of the elastic string to holes with a knot, this will form a chin strap.
To add the feather to the hat, simply place it in the fold of the hat.

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